Why are the feds hiring so many people?

The federal government says it is adding thousands of new workers to the ranks of its workforce, but is facing questions about how many people will actually be employed.

The federal Employment and Social Development Canada says there are an estimated 25,000 vacancies.

It has been offering temporary positions for about a year.

Some of those temporary positions are at workplaces across the country.

One of the job openings is at the Ottawa-Carleton College of Art and Design, where the department said it is recruiting a number of people to fill jobs that were filled when the department closed its Arts and Cultural Centre in 2014.

The department says it has been hiring permanent and part-time positions since then.

The job posting says that the department is recruiting part-timers for jobs that are currently filled, but it does not say what those positions are.

The government says its temporary workers are there to ensure that temporary positions have the resources they need.

But it has faced questions about the extent of its recruitment efforts, particularly at the Arts and Culture Centre.

“As a federal government, we have been working to address the skills gap and skills gap, and the lack of the skills that are required to support our communities, our economy, and our culture,” said Employment Minister Diane Finley.

“We’ve taken steps to provide the skills and support that our artists need to continue to create, but also to continue attracting artists to our country.”

She says the agency is looking for part- time, temporary workers and those who can provide ongoing support to artists, including mentoring, social media, and teaching.

The new hires are part of a push to help fill positions for the country’s growing economy.

The agency says it’s also hiring people to meet the growing needs of students, people who are studying abroad or who are pursuing careers outside the arts.

The hiring comes on the heels of the government announcing it would increase the number of permanent positions to help it deal with the influx of temporary workers.