U.S. Senate votes to fund air ambulance services

U.K. Senate clears $1.9 billion for air ambulance service, Senate says, but bill would only cover part of costs source CBS New York title Senate clears bill to fund emergency medical services, emergency room services, nursing home, public health, health care source CBSNewYork.com title U-Haul is considering buying the air ambulance system, saying its $2 billion investment is too small to be a competitor to Amazon and Google sources CBS News article NEW YORK — U-Hangars is considering purchasing the air ambulances system, its founder said Tuesday, saying the company’s $2.5 billion investment in the technology would be too small for it to compete with Amazon and the likes of Google.

U-haul said it will buy the equipment from the British-based air ambulance manufacturer, BAE Systems, to help it compete with rivals including Amazon, Google and the U.N. agency that manages international aid.

The purchase will help U-hauks, which is in the fourth quarter of its current operating profit of $1 billion, meet growing demand for air ambulance services in the U, British, and European markets, CEO Tim Moore said in an interview with CBS New America.

U.S.-based U-Hoax is among the companies to bid on the U-MSA contract.

The company has been in talks with U-hoax about buying the system for $1 million a piece, according to a person familiar with the matter.UHoax will be purchasing the UAA-20A ambulance system from UAA in 2018 and will be building a fleet of the system in the United States and Europe, Moore said.

The deal also includes financing for the UHaul air ambulance program, the person familiar said.

UHOOF is expected to deliver the first air ambulance systems to customers by 2020, Moore added.

Uhoax has an air ambulance business model where a customer would pay a $500 upfront and then purchase a $1,000 U-HOLLA system, he said.UHOOA’s systems include the BAE System air ambulance and UAA Air Ambulance and a fleet owned by BAE.

The UAA system, based in Manchester, England, is the only one of its kind in the world and has been used for decades by the UMass Medical School.

Moore said UAHOOA has no plans to change its fleet of air ambularies and is focused on providing service to UMass, which he said was the most critical customer of the program.UAA and UHooa are in the third year of a $3 billion contract with the UConn Medical Center to provide emergency medical care and treatment to hospitals and clinics across the U., according to the hospital.

The contract covers about 5,000 beds at UConn, and the hospital said the UAHAA program will increase the capacity of UConn by 25 percent to 2,500 beds.UConn plans to purchase three of the new BAE systems and one of the UHAOs, UConn spokesman Dave O’Brien said in a statement.UHI, a subsidiary of BAE, plans to buy two of the systems and two of UHAO.