Australia’s new $6.2 billion childcare facility: What you need to know

The federal government is set to unveil a $6 billion childcare facilities package today, and it will likely be the biggest investment in the nation’s child care system in years.

A government source told ABC News the new $1.8 billion facility will be the country’s biggest, with a capacity of almost 10,000 children.

It is also expected to be Australia’s largest single childcare facility, with the first 10,600 expected to arrive by the end of 2019.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said the package would also provide an opportunity to support a number of small business owners and community organisations that would provide childcare for families.

“It is vital that we build on the successes of our childcare infrastructure and support the development of local communities that are ready to deliver services to all Australians,” the spokesperson said.

“This package will provide a lifeline for small businesses and local communities to start and expand their businesses and provide jobs.”

It is unclear what role the childcare facilities will play in the new childcare system, with some commentators suggesting they could be the primary site for the new system, while others believe it will be a central hub for childcare.

“We know that the new Australian child care infrastructure is going to be a massive investment in childcare and families across the country,” Education Minister Christopher Pyne said.

Mr Pyne has previously suggested that the childcare facility will also be the first step towards a national childcare system.

“The Australian Government will invest in a national system that will provide childcare services to Australians and support communities to grow and create jobs,” he said.