WNBA player to become a mother, dad after birth

WNBA players have been granted permission to have babies after birth, a milestone that was a cause for celebration for a mother who had her own son just four days ago.

In the WNBA, where players can have children up to five times per year, it is common for players to have their pregnancies and births kept private until the birth.

The league said on its official website that the new policy was announced in the wake of the birth of the player, who will become a mom for the first time on Thursday.

Players have the option to have two children each year.

But, since players are allowed to have one child in each year, if they choose to have multiple children, the league said, they will have to wait at least two years for the next season to allow them to do so.

The new policy will mean that players who have multiple pregnancies will have one baby, and those who have two babies will have two.WNBA Commissioner Ann Marie Miller said in a statement on Monday that it is important that families be able to have children at the same time.

“It is my personal goal that every WNBA member, including our players, can have the same family time with their child, no matter where they are on the earth,” Miller said.

“I’m excited to see the first WNBA mom and baby on the court.

We will be working hard to make sure every WHL player and parent has the best possible access to their child.”

The WNBA also said that players will be able schedule their births online through the league’s website.