What to do if you have an unruly child at school

By Emma Taylor-SmithThe Australian Education Union’s new school violence survey has found that up to half of all students in Australia’s schools are at risk of being physically assaulted at school.

The survey found up to 4,200 students were experiencing some form of bullying in schools in the first quarter of 2017, up from 1,848 students in the previous quarter.

The union’s education officer, Jennifer Cottrell, said it was the first time in her career she had received such a high number of calls about bullying.

“The vast majority of those students are struggling to manage the social media messages they receive on social media and the bullying itself,” Ms Cottrel said.

“It’s quite common for children to be bullied in schools.”

If they’re having to deal with it in school, they’re more likely to feel that they’re not protected from it in the community.””

We don’t know the answer yet but we believe that it’s an issue of bullying, and a school environment is one place where it’s happening.

“The union said a school safety plan was needed, but said there was an urgent need to address the bullying.

The new report found the majority of children were at least somewhat at risk.

In the first half of 2017 at least 11% of students were bullied in a school setting, and that figure was rising to 19% in the second quarter.

It also found students who were bullied by other students were at greater risk.

The findings come as Australia’s Chief Minister of Education Simon Birmingham warned students were increasingly being bullied online, as he introduced a new bullying prevention and awareness strategy.”

We need to ensure that children are protected, not only on the playground but also on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,” Mr Birmingham said.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Children and Families, Simon Birmingham, introduce a new education strategy to address bullying in Australian schools.

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