The ‘Busted’ TV Guide to Window Cleaning for Veterans

FOX News: Veteran-owned window cleaning service in the U.S. is facing a lawsuit over claims that they “busted” veterans.

A group of veterans are suing the company claiming that employees who cleaned windows for them during their service in Iraq and Afghanistan have been denied compensation and access to their property, including a home.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Brooklyn, veterans have been allowed to use the services of contractors, which include contractors hired by the veterans’ organization.

The veterans say they were forced to clean the windows of veterans during deployments to Iraq and Afghan, according to the suit, which was filed in Brooklyn.

A representative for the veterans organization told Fox News the group has filed a complaint with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The company has not yet responded to FOX News’ request for comment.

The lawsuit also claims that the veterans have not been compensated for any time spent cleaning windows for the company, and the veterans say the company has denied their requests for compensation.

According the lawsuit, the veterans also allege that the company’s cleaning of windows was not supervised by the company and that the employees who were employed at the time did not have any training in window cleaning.

In a statement to Fox News, a representative for AVA said: “AVA was never authorized to perform window cleaning or any other work related to veterans’ property.

AVA has a strict policy of zero tolerance for misconduct and we are confident that our employees are being fully supported.”

The organization added that the lawsuit “provides further proof of the mistreatment of veterans in our care, and provides additional evidence of the need for the VA to conduct an independent investigation into this matter.”

The lawsuit says the veterans are seeking $500,000 in damages.