How to Get Your Bass Back

A long-time bass enthusiast has taken to social media to share how he and a friend came up with the perfect bass rig for a high-end rig that would make an excellent bass rig to have on hand.

Highpoint Bass is one of the top bass manufacturers in the world, and their new E-Series Bassline is a beast of a bass rig that boasts the same midrange and treble components as their earlier Bassline models, but now has a bass extension built-in.

We tested the basses rig on our first trip to Highpoint’s booth at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and we’ve seen how the E-series basses sound, but we’ve yet to give the E Series Bassline a test drive.

Before we get to that, however, let’s talk about the design of the new E series basses.

When you plug the new Bassline into your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll notice a large, white, plastic ring around the front of the bass, which acts as the amplifier for the speaker.

This ring acts as a shield against the elements, which will make the bass sound better as it gets warmer and warmer.

But, of course, the E basses design is about more than just the protection of the ring, as the E series also comes with a few other features like a large and comfortable headband, adjustable cable routing, and a 3-position switch that allows you to easily change the bass tone by twisting the headband.

The E bass is a solid performer, and the E Bassline looks good in person, but that’s only part of the story.

Highpoint is also making a major move toward bass pedals by launching the new Highpoint X-TREX bass.

For $300, this bass has a pair of built-ins for the E and E Basslines.

This includes a 2-ohm, two-pole speaker, a 1-ohm impedance control, and two high-pass filters.

The X-Series bass is designed to work with a variety of amps and effects, but the E/B is the perfect amp to get the most out of the 2-octave E bass.

Highpoint also includes a variety more advanced features like an LED-lit switch and an improved bass limiter.

With all of the bells and whistles of the E, this Bassline should be able to handle anything from an electric guitar to a bass drum kit.

The X-series also includes an adjustable crossover for the bass driver, which is useful if you want to add a kick-ass sound to your rig.

For the most part, though, the X Bassline will be an amp that you want at home, but it also has the ability to work on a portable device, or even on your laptop, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to get more out of your high-fi setup.

For more information on the new high-performance bass, be sure to check out the video below.