When do you get your period?

title How do you know when your period is about to come?article The answer may surprise you, but it can actually be pretty easy.If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll realize that your period will almost certainly come and go pretty much at the same time every month.And that is not just […]

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How to create a robot companion for your pet

Hacker News article Created by an anonymous user, the companion bot will automatically search for food and supplies when your pet needs them and will return those items in the same order they were placed.In the end, the bot will offer up the best food to your pet and help them to get the most […]

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When do you know the stock market is overvalued?

Google News is home to the world’s largest online content, but with the advent of mobile search and the ubiquity of social media, Google News has had a hard time keeping up.Now, we have an answer.The stock market has been trending up in recent months, and the trend has not gone away.What’s going on?When you […]

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What to know about Planned Parenthood and the abortion debate

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has been accused of trying to shut down abortion clinics in the nation’s largest state by forcing doctors to turn away women seeking an abortion and coercing clinics into turning away women who were seeking an emergency contraception method.The organization’s latest effort to limit access comes amid a […]

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Why are the feds hiring so many people?

The federal government says it is adding thousands of new workers to the ranks of its workforce, but is facing questions about how many people will actually be employed.The federal Employment and Social Development Canada says there are an estimated 25,000 vacancies.It has been offering temporary positions for about a year.Some of those temporary positions […]

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U.S. Senate votes to fund air ambulance services

U.K. Senate clears $1.9 billion for air ambulance service, Senate says, but bill would only cover part of costs source CBS New York title Senate clears bill to fund emergency medical services, emergency room services, nursing home, public health, health care source CBSNewYork.com title U-Haul is considering buying the air ambulance system, saying its $2 […]

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